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Underage Alcohol Use Facts and Statistics

In 2010, 10 million teens (26.3%) reported drinking alcohol in the past month.1

17% of the teens surveyed in 2010 reported that they were binge drinkers.1

More males than females reported current alcohol use, heavy drinking, and binge drinking.1

In 2010, 81.6% of teen surveyed reported that they were with two or more people the last time that they drank.1

55% of underage drinkers surveyed in 2010 reported that their last use of alcohol occurred in someone else's home.1

In 2010, teens reported that 21% of the time, alcohol was provided by to them by their parents, guardians, or other adult family members.1

Underage drinkers were more likely than people over age 21 to use illicit drugs within two hours of alcohol use on their last drinking occasion.1

A majority of 12th graders surveyed did not see a risk in having 5 or more drinks in a row once or twice each weekend; however 70% disapproved of the practice.2

90% of 12th graders reported that it would be very easy to obtain alcohol.2

In the past month, 20% of students nationwide reported that they had ridden one or more times in a car driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol.3

67% of high school students report that they have had at least one drink of alcohol in their lives.3

20% of high school students reported that they had their first drink of alcohol before the age of 13.3


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